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Distributor Wanted

Leboo is actively seeking to expand our distribution network worldwide.

Leboo is committed to helping you achieve a profitable and successful business with us.

Leboo is looking for a long-term business relationships based on win-win principle and therefore wish to work with distributors who are prepared to understand the product, marketing strategy and become fully competent, undergoing the required training.

Channel Support
Industry Solution

Provide professional disposable protection product solutions and technical support in different usage scenarios.

Marketing Support

Assist the distributor to carry out online and offline marketing activities provide related marketing material support.

Qualification Support

Support in local product registration and qualification work.

Projects Support

Provide onsite or offsite assistance for biddings and projects.

Competitive Pricing

Factory direct supply, no intermediate links, provide competitive price.

Brand Strength

Good brand name and reputation.

Distribution Support

Support multiple modes of transportation by sea, land and air and have close cooperation with multiple transport companies.

Distributor Application
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