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Universal Pack-002

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Universal Pack-002


Table Cover  150X200cm (75x200cm)1
Mayo Stand Cover 76x145cm (48x60cm)1
Top Reinforced Drape With Adhesive  180x240cm(38x64cm)1
Side Drape100x90cm2
Side Drape180x180cm(38x64cm)1
Tape Strip (op-tape)  10x50cm1
Hand Towel   30x40cm 2



The universal pack is suitable for general surgery, e.g.  abdominal surgery, Orthopedics surgery or used in thoracic surgical interventions.



· Cost Savings
Save procedures time due to fast and easy handling
Reduce packaging waste
Simplified management of the hospital inventory 
Flexibility to change Components & Quantity as per customer requirement

· Reliable performance
Reliable Adhesive tape from 3M
Advanced materials with Anti-static, waterproof or hydrophilic & Low lint properties
Soft and Comfort ability
Easy traceability of all components in pack
Provide optimal safety and infection control during all surgical procedures