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Basic Pack-001

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Basic Pack-001


Hand Towel   150X200cm (75x200cm)1
Mayo Stand Cover 58x137cm (48x60cm)1
Utility Drape With Adhesive 38x66cm4
Utility  Sheet 105x150 cm1
Utility  Sheet 150x160 cm1
Suture Bag  16cmX28 cm1



The Basic Surgical Pack is used during basic surgical procedures. It includes procedural accessories essential to the surgeon.



· Cost Savings
Save procedures time due to fast and easy handling
Reduce packaging waste
Simplified management of the hospital inventory  
Flexibility to change Components & Quantity as per customer requirement

· Reliable performance
Reliable Adhesive tape from 3M
Advanced materials with Anti-static, waterproof or hydrophilic & Low lint properties
Soft and Comfort ability
Easy traceability of all components in pack
Provide optimal safety and infection control during all surgical procedures